Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Being a Hostess Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3!

Share your excitement!
Invite everyone you know! Over-invite – only 1/3 of those you invite will attend.
Encourage everyone to bring a friend! The more, the merrier; plus, higher attendance often leads to higher rewards
Call and personally invite each guest. A personal invitation is the best way to convey your enthusiasm for the products, and your sincere desire for everyone to join you.
Make your wish list - I want to help you get your favorites for free or at a discount.
1 to 2 days before the show, place a quick friendly reminder call to your guests. Your friends will appreciate that you took the time to help them remember.

Outside Orders and Bookings
Keep one catalogue at home, and carry another with you at all times.
If someone is unable to come, show them the catalogue and offer the opportunity to place an order. If I need to mail a catalogue to an out-of-town guest, please let me know.
If someone is disappointed that they’re unable to attend, encourage them to have a show of their own. That will help you earn addition free products.


Keep it simple – simple snacks are great!
You want your friends and family to know how EASY hosting a Steeped Tea Party is.

I'd love to bring my tea house to your house!

Let's plan today!

(I'm booking 'Iced Tea Parties' for Summer 2010!)

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